Sophie & Josh's Melbourne Wedding

“Feel free to do things a bit differently. Instead of having one MC, we asked different friends to do different parts. They were all amazing and it worked really well! We were worried that having various MCs wouldn’t work. But in the end, they made the day so much more unique and a reflection of us.”

Tev & Adam's Melbourne Wedding

“I think the best advice is to get as much of the planning done as early as possible, so you can leave yourself plenty of time for the last little fiddly items. It’s also an amazing feeling to get to the last week knowing that everything is done, so you can just get excited!”

Casey & Ben's Melbourne Wedding

“Honestly, everything was more than we could have imagined. I had a plan of what I wanted the venue to look like with furniture, candles, flowers etc. but The Small Things Co. along with Flora & Kate really brought it all together and it was more than we ever could have dreamed of! The flowers were so beautiful and probably my favourite detail of the day. I still get comments on them now!”

Harriette & Tyson's Melbourne Wedding

"Say hello to Harriette, guys. She’s a high school teacher by day, part bridal gown designer by night!"