Paula & Tom

founders & Directors

Paula and Tom’s journey began in 2016 when they launched the The Small Things Co from their garage in Rosanna, starting with a small collection of hard-to-find decor listed on Gumtree. Over time, their offerings grew, and after 18 months, they moved from their two-car garage to a shop front on Johnston Street in Abbotsford. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, The Small Things Co soon emerged as one of Melbourne’s primary decor suppliers. Paula and Tom established beautiful relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry, paving the way for the company’s success. In 2018, Paula and Tom expanded their services by launching the styling arm of the company. They take great pride in their ability to style beautiful and unique events, adding an extra layer of magic to every occasion. 

Paula is the visionary behind The Small Things Co, continuously generating innovative and unique ideas. She works closely with the creative team to conceptualise and execute designs and installations for our clients. Paula is an “ideas person” who loves a good brainstorming session and excels in problem-solving and presenting unique solutions that push creative boundaries. She is also a people person, overseeing the marketing, accounting, and staff support within The Small Things Co. Paula’s creativity and leadership motivates and inspire our team in all that they do. 

Tom is the behind-the-scenes guy who quietly oversees various aspects of our business. He is responsible for managing our operations, website, inventory, and customer communications, among other managerial tasks. Tom excels in logistics management, financial planning, and supporting our hire team to perform at their best. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to ensuring our customers have the best experience possible is instrumental in the success of our company. 


Head Stylist & Designer

Sarah’s passion lies in designing, planning, and styling events, and she draws inspiration from various fields such as fashion, interior design, and architecture. Sarah is the kind of person who meticulously plans her clothing purchases before going shopping, and then takes the extra step of colour coordinating her wardrobe. 

Sarah has completed studies in communication and design and for her, styling is not just a job but an integral part of her core identity.

Sarah finds great joy in the final moments before a wedding, where every last candle is lit, and every chair is perfectly arranged. Witnessing the couple’s reaction as they enter their beautifully decorated wedding space and take in all of the intricate details that were planned months in advance is her favorite part of the wedding. In her spare time Sarah loves to cook gourmet meals for her loved ones, styling sit-down dinners and enjoying an Aperol Spritz whenever possible.


Warehouse Co-Manager & HIRE COORDINATOR

Hannah has pursued studies in Visual Merchandising and Fashion Design and has developed a keen eye for detail, making her an excellent asset to our team. Hannah enjoys her work in the wedding industry, as she is surrounded by like-minded creatives and appreciates the fast-paced nature of her job.

Hannah is passionate about delivering a seamless experience for our customers and enjoys hearing about our couples’ wedding days when they visit the warehouse. 

As the “organising queen,” Hannah takes pride in ensuring our decor is arranged perfectly in its designated spot in our warehouse. Hannah also oversees our Pinterest account and takes great pleasure in curating inspiring boards that fuel our team creativity. She holds a deep passion for finding and sharing captivating visuals, ideas and trends that spark imagination and innovation within our team. In her free time, she enjoys painting and exploring galleries and cafes with friends and family.


Warehouse Co-Manager & HIRE COORDINATOR

Affectionately known as Oats’ Mum, she brings an infectious energy and a love for dogs to our team. Julia is a true powerhouse who possesses the incredible ability to fix almost anything that comes her way. Hailing from Canada, she has a penchant for enjoying sweet coffee with a touch of Starbucks syrup and is our go-to supplier of office snacks.

Julia’s passion lies in serving our clients with utmost care and dedication. She takes great pride in ensuring that every item is lovingly packed and supplied to our hire clients. With her meticulous attention to detail, she ensures that everything is in perfect order, ready to create unforgettable experiences for our customers. Julia’s unwavering commitment to excellence and her warm and friendly nature make her an invaluable asset to our team.

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