Classic Meets Modern

$100 per Cluster

Beautiful blush tones partnered with golden candlelight ooze romance, creating the perfect setting for your event. 

1x Gold Four Candlestick

4x White Tapered Candles

5x Short Tealight Cylinders

2x Blush Metal Tealight Votives

7x Tealight Candles

1x Floral Arrangement in Oasis

Natural Elements

$120 per cluster

With the most beautiful natural elements including clay and quartz.

Partnered with minimalist gold and lush romantic soft floral to contrast with the refined textures.

1x Natural Clay Planter Vase

1x Quartz Candlestick

5x Short Tealight Cylinders

5x Tall Tealight Cylinders

10x Acrylic Tealight Candles

1x Gold Triangle Candlestick

2x White or Black Taper Candles

1x Lux Floral Arrangement

Moody Brass

$120 per Cluster

Elegant and moody design featuring lux brass pieces, electric floral highlights the beauty of these pieces.

3x Brass Candlesticks

3x Brass Vases

3x White or Black Taper Candles

3x Floral Arrangements for Vases

Autumn Tones

$120 per cluster

A colour palette that oozes warmth and glamour.

With soft rose gold elements partnered with warm autumn toned floral in black vases.

3x Gold Metal Candlesticks

3x White or Black Taper Candles

2x Black Diamond Vases

2x Floral Arrangements for Vases

Modern + Fresh

$90 per cluster

A crisp, fresh and timeless modern feel with elegant green, white and marble textures.  

1x Green Etched Vase

5x Marble Candlesticks

5x White or Black Taper Candles

1x  Floral Arrangement in Vase

Crystal Beauty

$110 per cluster

This refined look celebrates seasonal flowers with a classic garden romance style arrangement.

Paired with classic tea lights to tie the look together. 

1x Crystal or Cut Glass Footed Stand

5x Short Tealight Cylinders

5x Tall Tealight Cylinders

10x Tealight Candles

1x Floral Arrangement 

Budding Beauty

$40 per cluster

A simple and elegant table setting designed for versatility.

These classic elements will suit any event.

3x Gold Rimmed Bud Vase

3x Gold Metal Tea light Votives

3x Tall Tealight Cylinders

6x Tealight Candles

3x Floral Arrangments in Vases