Nicola & Ash by Arianna Leggiero

“I stumbled across Mount Ophir Estate on Instagram and we drove three hours north to visit it one cold winter weekend. We absolutely loved how raw and untouched it was. Only one wedding had been held onsite so a lot was left to the imagination. There was so much history to the site and we knew we could make a weekend getaway for our wedding guests."

Luci & James by Katie Harmsworth

"As someone who definitely did sweat the small stuff (I spent weeks deciding on napkin placement, napkin placement!), I feel a bit hypocritcal saying that now, but, at the end of the day, it didn’t make a difference how the napkins were placed, the important thing was the commitment we made to each other on that day, surrounded by our family and closet friends."

Halcyon Styled Shoot – by Bianca Virtue

"Celebrating the last days of summer and ravishing in those final moments of sunshine, with warm notes of cream, beige, mustard, dusty pinks and terracotta creating the most beautiful nod to the iconic era of the 70’s."

Emma & Matt by Mitch Pohl

"Seeing each other before the ceremony was very important to us both. We instantly calm each other and we also just wanted to spend as much time together on the day as possible! We loved having a special moment for just us to enjoy (and cry of course!) and maximise the party time with our guests!"