Easel Hire

Hiring a wedding sign easel is a much more practical and cost-effective alternative for your event, especially when you require one for an exclusive occasion. Purchasing an easel for a single function can be expensive, but if you choose to hire one, you still fulfil your needs for a decorative sign at only a fraction of the cost.

This also eliminates any hassle of trying to sell your easel after the big day. Another advantage of hiring a wedding sign easel is that you won’t have to worry about storage. Easels can take up a lot of space if you buy your own, whilst hiring one eliminates this need. Additionally, purchasing your own wedding sign comes with its own maintenance issues which can cause frustration ahead of your event. Hiring an easel from The Small Things Co. guarantees that your easel will be clean, polished and in perfect condition. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so let us take a weight off. Read More

We know how stressful planning an event can be, so we’re here to take the stress out of any event situation. We’re here to help, whether you want us to style and plan your whole event, or you just need to use our service to hire event decorations that will give your event that finishing touch.

Are You Looking to Hire Easels In Melbourne?

We provide a professional, efficient and stress-free service, and pride ourselves in having the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Having hired decor for our own wedding back in 2015, we saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it. 2 years after hiring out a few bits of decor through Gumtree, such as wedding sign stands and providing unique vases for hire, we moved into a shop, quit our full-time jobs, and went from styling 3 weddings a year to over 50!

We have a large range of custom-made event decor items for hire, many which we have sourced from around the globe, and if it’s easel hire you’re after, you’ve come to the right place

Why Should I Hire an Easel?

Easels are a great asset to any event, whether it’s to display the seating plan at your wedding, to place a mirror on to reflect the beauty of a special birthday celebration, or to display a sign that you want your guests to see, our much-loved easels come in a range of colours and designs. Our cream ornate easel has orange detail and adjustable height that makes it perfect for an A1 size sign.

Looking for something a little simpler in design? Then hire our easel in black and display any A1 or A0 sized sign in a smart and modern way. Maybe you would prefer something a little more glamorous to give your event a special feel - our gold easel is ideal for A1 sized signs. Perhaps you need something for your once-in-a-lifetime BIG wedding day. Let your guests discover where they are seating by displaying any A1 or A0 sized sign on our beautiful white distressed easel, with its charming rust detailing. Whatever you are looking for, we’re sure you will find it with us.

Simplicity Itself: Use a Black Easel to Display Your Wedding Sign

If you love simplicity, you will love the straightforward design of our black easels. It is practical of course, but it has a minimal look that won’t detract from what you want to display. It’s the simple and modern way to display your wedding signage, whether you need to direct your guests to the area where all the action is taking place, or you simply want to say ‘Welcome’. It’s also the ideal support for your seating chart or for displaying a personalised sign or mirror.

Of course, if you prefer a more glamorous look, rather than choose our black easel for your wedding signs, you may prefer to opt for a gold version. Whichever you choose, you can simply return it back to us once the celebrations are over. That’s the beauty of hiring your wedding décor rather than buying it.

Why Get an Easel Hire From The Small Things Co?

If you are looking to hire an easel in Melbourne to help make your event unique, then look no further. We can help you create a well-styled and organized event, ensuring that your guests will love the extra details you have thought about. Unlike a lot of other companies, we don’t externally hire all our supplies, meaning we own and cherish a lot of the items we hire out, so if you prefer, you can collect them directly from our warehouse at no extra cost.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to organize your own event, then you can take the stress out of it all and let us help. We are extremely passionate about our work, and can provide you with unique event decor and creative ideas. We don’t just provide a one-size-fits-all package, we offer an array of wedding styling, corporate event styling and event packages that vary depending on each customer’s needs.

Here at The Small Things Co., we offer a lot of in-house services, including a professional meeting space for our clients. We don’t do things by halves, and we don’t believe in "boring"! So whether you are looking to hire an easel in Melbourne, or an entire styling and event planning package, our team in Melbourne is waiting to hear from you.

Whatever the occasion - a small, intimate wedding, or a spectacular corporate event - we’ll help ensure it’s a well styled, well organized success that your guests will absolutely love! Read less