Easel Hire

Hiring a wedding sign easel is a much more practical and cost-effective alternative for your event, especially when you require one for an exclusive occasion. Purchasing an easel for a single function can be expensive, but if you choose to hire one, you still fulfil your needs for a decorative sign at only a fraction of the cost. Read More

This also eliminates any hassle of trying to sell your easel after the big day. Another advantage of hiring a wedding sign easel is that you won’t have to worry about storage. Easels can take up a lot of space if you buy your own, whilst hiring one eliminates this need. Additionally, purchasing your own wedding sign comes with its own maintenance issues which can cause frustration ahead of your event. Hiring an easel from The Small Things Co. guarantees that your easel will be clean, polished and in perfect condition. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so let us take a weight off. Read less