Display Plinths for Hire

Our stunning plinths for hire in Melbourne will add a touch of elegance to your wedding or event. Standing just under a metre tall, they can be used to display floral arrangements, cakes, or whatever else you might fancy! Read More

Turn Ordinary Spaces into Extraordinary Celebrations with our Display Plinths for Hire

The plinth’s pale white pearl colour will beautifully accentuate your event’s bolder colours, adding a highly stylish faux-Grecian undertone to your wedding styling. We’ve seen countless weddings utilise plinths like these to stunning effect.

So whether plinths in this style have always been on your Pinterest board or you’ve accidentally stumbled across them on our website, they’re a beautiful and also justifiably practical decoration for your event. Enhance the space at your wedding or event with these ripple-effect plinths!

Take Your Event ecor to the Next Level With our Large Ripple-Effect Plinths for Hire in Melbourne

Normally, tall plinths like these retail for up to hundreds of dollars, which makes renting the perfect option.

However, even though plinths are a popular decoration at classically styled weddings and events, it’s not easy to find decent plinth rentals in Melbourne and Victoria in general. Finding a event decoration hire service that combines a reasonable price with a high-quality product and easy pickup and drop off might seem impossible.

Therefore, finding out where to rent plinths for wedding events might feel like a headache when planning…but you can trust The Small Things Co to take the stress out. There’s a reason why we’ve got five-star reviews from every major review site- we make rentals for our items a breeze.

Our plinths are sensibly priced and available to rent three at a time, meaning you can enjoy these plinths at your special event at a fixed one-time price. We can also arrange pick up and drop off, ensuring that all you need to do is enjoy the stunning and highly practical decoration!

To secure the display plinths for rent, simply press ’Add to Wishlist’ before submitting the completed list through our easy-to-fill-out form.

Find the Perfect Display Plinths for Hire Here.

Do you have any questions regarding the specifications of our display plinths or our rental services? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at hello@thesmallthings.co or via our social media.

For your consideration, we have other plinths available. For example, have a look at our small white ripple plinth or Large Nude Ripple Plinth.

Alternatively, why not consider pairing our plinths with one of our other luxurious rental items? We suggest our hurricane candle holders or our Blush Pink Arch Arbour for hire.

Enhance Your Event with a Ribbed Plinth and More

Our team at The Small Things are committed to taking all the headaches and unnecessary stress out of organising a big event, offering top quality services and products you can rely on such as our plinth for rent. Plinths are a great addition that can be used in many ways, whether you want to line your wedding aisles with them or add them as eye-catching display centrepieces. Versatile and practical, a plinth can provide the perfect backdrop for any celebration.

The opportunities are endless, but whatever you decide on, plinths make a beautiful addition to your special day. You may want to draw attention to a ribbed plinth with a stunning floral arrangement or use it as a stand to showcase your wedding cake. Perhaps you’d like the plinth to complement your other décor and you want to hire a set of plinths to create different heights for a striking display. Whatever you decide, plinths offer an aesthetically pleasing display that will serve to enhance the look and mood of your event. They can add a touch of elegance to your ambience. It’s a simple but stylish solution, and we offer a choice of nude, clear, and white.

FAQs About Display Plinth Hire

Should I have plinths at my wedding/event?

Plinths are versatile decorations that work in events with both a modern and a classical theme. We’d recommend plinths as helpful for:

- Organising the space at your event. Plinths are great at cultivating a stunning effect from the ground up; they are a pleasant way to decorate on multiple aesthetic levels.

- Enhancing items such as cakes, flowers, event candles, and other items.

- Developing a boutique feel that’s highly photogenic.

However, if you’re unsure whether these plinths will coordinate with the decor of your event, please get in touch with us and we can advise.

Can I pick up/collect the plinth myself?

Of course! You can pick up and drop off at our warehouse in Abbotsford, or alternatively, you can arrange drop off and collection from us; just select the appropriate option on our Wishlist submission form.

Can you recommend how to accessorise the plinth?

We’d recommend taking our plinths to the next level with floral arrangements, candles, and celebration cakes - but if you have any alternative ideas, the sky’s the limit! Read less