Looking for Event or Wedding Candles in Melbourne? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Candles have been used as a source of light for centuries and are often associated with old-fashioned romance and charm. Though arbours, champagne towers and chocolate fountains tend to steal the show, there’s no finer decoration for your wedding than a beautiful candle.

If you’re looking for the perfect candles for your wedding, then rest assured that The Small Things Co. has got you covered. Our stunning range of wedding candles will perfectly complement the ambience at your event, giving it a highly photogenic and intimate feel. Read More

So whether candles like these have always been on your Pinterest board or you’re just browsing our website, we hope you enjoy our range of candles.

We even offer personalised wedding candles, so you can style your candles to be as unique as your event. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Create a Warm Ambience with Our Simple, Sophisticated Candles for Weddings

Weddings are all about romance and candlelight is a fantastic way to create a romantic atmosphere. We offer a curated selection of high-quality long-burn candles for weddings that will burn brightly throughout the duration of your celebrations. Whether you are after pillar candles displayed inside glass cylinders to welcome your guests to the party, elegant fluted or tapered dinner candles to illuminate the dining tables or twinkling tealight votives to add a sparkle to your celebrations, we have what you need. Mix or match them with your colour scheme to create the perfect setting and ambience.

Of course, as you would expect from The Small Things Co., we also offer an extensive range of candle holders for your chosen candles ranging from simple candlesticks and candle plates to more elaborate candelabra and chandeliers. Choose your favourites to display the candles for your wedding to perfection.

High-Quality, Stylish, and Elegant: Transform Your Event With our Wedding Candles.

We can arrange collection and drop-off so that all you need to do is enjoy these breathtaking wedding candles.

To secure our centrepiece hires, while submitting your Wishlist, simply request which colour and quantity you would like under ‘Additional Information’; our team will then email you a quote.

No wonder we’ve got a five-star rating on every major review site… so come and experience the magic for yourself!

Stunning Event Candles Bespoke for Your Day

Do you have any questions regarding the specifications of our event candles, or our rental services in general? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by sending an email to hire@thesmallthings.co or messaging our social media.

Also, make sure you’re subscribed to The Small Things Co on social media, so you can see how our previous customers have decorated their events with our gorgeous selection of candles!

Alternatively, why not consider pairing our candles with one of our other eye-catching and unique table decorations? We’d recommend our centrepieces or our bronze cutlery range.


How should I style these candles at my event?

  1. Choose the right candles from our selection based on the colour palette of your event.
  2. Use different heights and sizes: Using candles of different heights and sizes can develop visual interest and add dimension to your wedding decor. Group candles of varying heights together to create a stunning centrepiece or scatter them throughout the venue for a more subtle and inviting effect.
  3. Mixing and matching different types of our candle holders for hire can add an extra layer of texture and depth to your wedding decor. Consider using a combination of glass cylinders, metal, and ceramic candle holders in different colours and styles. Have a look at our candle holders for reference!
  4. Create candle clusters: Grouping candles together in clusters can create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Consider using candlesticks, votives, and tea lights in clusters of 3-5 for maximum impact.
  5. Be sure to check in with your venue about their candle policies. Some venues require all flames to be covered with glass. Our Hurricane Candle Holders and Assorted Glass Cylinders are perfect for this.
  6. We use a basic calculation for candle quantities to advise our customers.

Minimalist Look – One candle per 2 guests (ie. 100 guests = 50 candles)

Medium Look- One cable per person (ie. 100 guests = 100 candles)

Full Look – 2 candles per person (ie. 100 guests = 200 candles)

How long will these candles burn for?

Our tea lights will burn for 8 hours.. Our pillar candles are much larger , however, and can last for up to 26 hours once lit. Our dinner (taper) candles will last 8-10 hours, or longer- this is dependent on the conditions of your event! If in doubt, please get in touch with one of our event stylists, who will be happy to advise.

Do I need to pay for them to be cleaned?

As you are purchasing these candles outright, they will be exempt from our cleaning charges. Simply keep and enjoy them after the event! Read less