Signage Stand Hire

Including signage stands at your wedding are essential. They may seem like a simple addition, but they’re definitely something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Signage is not only a practical asset that can guide guests in the right direction, but it can enhance your wedding decor and elevate the ambience you’ve carefully curated. It’s a must if you’re looking for a well-styled and organised day! Read More

Elevate Your Ambience with Stunning Signage Stands

They provide many uses, some of which can be invaluable for taking pressure off you. Hiring a wedding signage can offer guests a warm welcome, inform them of the timeline of your special day, present seating plans, and generally help guests to navigate your wedding with ease if you’re not there to communicate in person to each guest. A wedding sign stand may be a common feature of weddings, but when personalised they can be unique, creative, and ooze your desired style.

At The Small Things Co, we’re all about authentically carrying out the vision of our clients. We provide some of the best wedding signs Melbourne can offer. Rest assured, we will make a statement and add the personal touch you’re looking for. We are passionate about carefully creating an event that is utterly you whether it’s for wedding or a glamourous corporate event styling you’re looking for.

Wedding Signs in Melbourne to Suit Any Style

We have a range of signage stands that will complement the rest of your wedding theme beautifully, including different colours such as black, white, brass, and blush. You can also choose whether to opt for a metal or wood material, or whether a wavy, circular or curved aesthetic suits your theme. Whether you’re seeking a seating chart frame, signage stand, easel hire, card holder, or wedding welcome sign in Melbourne we have you covered.

A wedding welcome sign for Melbourne weddings is always a classic go-to. Welcome your friends and family in style with an individual flair. Typically situated at the entrance of the venue, it’s likely one of the first things your guests will see when entering the venue. First impressions matter, and appropriate signage will set the scene and tone of your event so it’s essential you keep your aesthetic in mind when deciding on your perfect design.

Classic Ways to Incorporate Wedding Sign Stand Hire into Your Special Day

Don’t be afraid to get extra creative when it comes to greeting your guests in style with a striking wedding welcome sign stand. A welcome sign stand will typically complement the rest of the décor at the event, so finding the right one for you is a must. There are plenty of ways to incorporate signage into your special event, such as pairing it with a floral arrangement for a stunning pop of texture.

When it comes to wedding sign stand hire, it’s one of the most important décor decisions and it’s typically unique to you as a couple. Show off your signage in style, whether you’re opting for a rustic, contemporary, classic, or vibrant theme. Wedding signs usually help to tell your guests what to expect for the day, so it’s a great place to remind your guests of the rules. After all, it might be the first thing your guests are greeted with. If you’re choosing to have an unplugged ceremony, you may consider including that information on your welcome sign. No matter how you choose to incorporate signage into your special event, we will ensure it makes an impact!

Guide Your Guests with Quality Wedding Signage in Melbourne

If you’re unsure of where to place the signs for maximum impact, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the style and size of your sign. It’s always a good idea to visualise the placement of the sign and remember that it will work best in high-traffic areas that ensure it will be seen by all of your guests. After all, signage can help to pull the entire look and feel together seamlessly.

Clients can collect the event prop hire order from our warehouse which is situated at 386 Little Turner Street Abbotsford, at no cost. The hire period for our products is 4 days. The warehouse is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 am until 4 pm. Many of our clients will typically collect on a Thursday or Friday and return on Monday. Please note that the warehouse is closed on all public holidays.

Our wedding stylists provide a stress-free and professional service and can help you to find the optimal place for your signs, get in touch if you’d like more information. We have a gorgeous range available for you to browse and if you’d like any advice or further information then we’re more than happy to assist. We have you covered, whether you’re seeking wedding signage in Melbourne or anything else for your big day. From styling the event to hiring the decor, we can help. Simply get in touch! Read less