Bride & Groom Emergency Kits

Written by Mia Alexander
The Small Things Co

You might be the most organised person on the planet but when it comes to your Wedding Day, it’s easy for the little things to slip your mind. So we’ve curated a list of items to keep in your bridal suite, bathrooms and grooms room. This kit will give you peace of mind, and you’ll be prepared for literally anything! 

  1.  A list of your suppliers (Mia’s Tip: Also give your suppliers a go-to number so they don’t call you on the day. The best man is a great option for this.)
  2. Blister patches & bandaids (for those gorgeous but painful new heels)
    A robe or comfy clothes (Mia’s Tip: Anything low neck or loose is perfect, it won’t ruin your hair & makeup if you get changed
  3. Tissues
  4. Spanx (for those emergency underwear lines)
  5. Water & healthy snacks
  6. Chill bucket, ice & champagne (or your drink of choice)
  7.  Mints
  8.  Sewing kit & safety pins 
  9.  Super Glue
  10.  Nurofen or paracetamol & hayfever tablets
  11. Imodium Tablets
  12.  Moisturising eye drops
  13. Steamer (Mia’s Tip: Don’t touch the dress with the steamer, just steam a few cm away and check first if the fabric is ok to be steamed)
  14.  Lipstick & lip balm (tip: discuss lip colour with your makeup artist and purchase one so you can touch up on the day)
  15. Fluffy makeup brush & powder, incase you need a quick powder throughout the day/night.
  16. Phone Charger
  17. Nail file
  18. Toothbrush & toothpaste
  19.  A nice pen (for the guest book or signing the registry)
  20. Clear nail polish (Mia’s Tip: dap a tiny bit on a ripped stocking for an easy fix)
  21. Fabric stain remover
  22. Comfortable shoes (tip: bring some flats for the end of the night) 
  23.  Earring backs
  24.  Hairbrush and comb
  25.  Bobby pins & hair ties
  26. Hand soap & hand cream (Mia’s Tip: add a special touch to your bathrooms with a nice brand)
  27.  Body moisturiser 
  28. Deodorant, perfume & cologne
  29.  Feminine products
  30. Scented Candle
  31. Pair of black mens socks (there’s always one groomsmen who forgets)
  32. Lint roller
  33. Sunscreen (We dont want the guys standing outside going bright red whilst waiting for the bride)
  34.  Floss
  35. Comb & hair gel 
  36. Water & healthy snacks
  37. Chill bucket, ice & champagne / beer (or your drink of choice)
  38. Mini speaker & an aux cord (Mia’s Tip: A spare aux cord always comes in handy, especially at a DIY wedding) 
  39. Hair spray 
  40.  AA Batteries
  41.  Wet Wipes
  42. Fashion Tape
  43.  Bug Repellent
  44. Static Guard
  45. Bottle Opener
  46. Dry Shampoo
  47. Straightner to fix your hair
  48.  Cotton Tips

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