Kylie and Jarrod’s love story has spanned nine years, with their fate being sealed by a simple notion from a dear friend suggesting there was great potential between the two of them.


There will be many words that those who have lived through the year that is 2020 will never want to hear again. ‘Covid’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Corona’ and for many couples and those in the wedding industry ‘Postpone’ and ‘Cancel’ can be added to the list.

By Paula Christie – The Small Things Co Creative Director 

You might be the most organised person on the planet but when it comes to your Wedding Day, it’s easy for the little things to slip your mind! So we’ve curated a list of items to keep in your bridal suite, bathrooms and grooms room. Just make sure you assign a go-to person other than the Bride & Groom to know where this kit is & what’s in it. This kit will give you peace of mind, and you’ll be prepared for literally anything! 

When we meet with couples there are often list of things that are most important to them and at the forefront of their minds. It’s often the thing they talk about first, the dress, the food, the entertainment. Along with this, there are often details that they haven’t thought about, that they didn’t know they needed to consider or that just get overlooked. Details that help a wedding day run smoothly, take the pressure off guests and create thoughtful touches for all involved. Forgetting some of these details is completely understandable, you only do this once after all. We have created a list of ten things you didn’t know you needed for your wedding day.
“2020 with all it’s challenges, has brought with it the opportunity to reflect on the future of events, and particularly how we can all make changes to reduce our impact on the planet once we get back to throwing parties again. 
The Conscious Collection was born out of the idea that weddings can be both sustainable and contemporary, while still being beautiful and romantic. We wanted to inspire couples to make conscious choices when styling their wedding.”
“Destination Weddings are an incredible modern way to celebrate your special day in a relaxed environment. Some of the top destinations are Europe, Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa, Bali, Thailand & Tasmania. All equally stunning locations, and often a more cost effective option then hosting a wedding at home. Destination Weddings are often on a much smaller scale, meaning your guest numbers are much smaller, which in turn allows couples to have more budget for styling or that perfect dress!”
“When considering the style for your wedding, the tablescape is often the first place to start. Choosing your table centres, whether it be a beautiful floral arrangement in a signature colour or that perfectly toned candle carrying over to the place settings, glassware and napery to perfectly marry your look together.”
“Your napkin may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of your wedding, however it’s in the details that make such a difference! Styling your napkin can bring depth, shape & colour to your tablescape. It helps highlight the colours you’ve chosen and compliments your florals and decor.”
“In 2020 we’re going to see a load of Brown in fashion and interior! Perhaps you’ve lived in Melbourne long enough to know we use Black as a base for everything, but that’s all about to change!” 
“With warm tones of cream, beige, mustard, dusty pinks and terracotta, there’s a subtle nod to the 70’s in this shoot, while remaining refined and restrained.”