Danielle & Brendan's monochromatic wedding
at coombe Yarra Valley

All written content by The Small Things Co

Facing the dilemma of spending two years in lockdown without being able to plan their wedding, Danielle and Brendan sought our assistance in winter 2021. As lockdowns gradually eased, this beautiful couple from Perth desired to make up for the missed celebrations by organising a destination wedding that would encapsulate two years’ worth of joy. So their solution?  Inviting 80 of their nearest and dearest friends and family from across the country for an exquisitely stylish and intimate wedding experience.

What initially began as a series of virtual meetings quickly transformed into a breathtaking monochromatic wedding held at Coombe, Yarra Valley – one of our cherished venues.

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Overall look and vibe

When Danielle and Brendan approached us with their wedding vision, they provided a clear brief: an elegant and timeless black and white theme enriched with layers of texture, intricate architectural details, an abundance of black and white florals, and delicate touches of gold. Their desire was to create a multi-dimensional experience that would delight their guests in every aspect.

To bring their vision to life, we meticulously planned multiple spaces within the venue, carefully considering each zone’s purpose and atmosphere. We aimed to strike a perfect balance between an indoor and outdoor feel, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of Coombes’ breathtaking gardens while reveling in the welcoming interiors of their restaurant space. 

With their request for a clean and crisp ambiance, we carefully selected decor elements that exuded sophistication and refinement. The color palette of black and white lent a sense of timelessness, while the intricate textures added depth and visual interest. We ensured that the space felt warm and inviting, incorporating subtle lighting techniques and cozy furnishings to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Every detail, from the grand architectural features to the smallest floral arrangements, was thoughtfully designed to align with the couple’s desired aesthetic. The black and white florals served as focal points, adding drama and elegance to the surroundings. Delicate hints of gold were strategically incorporated to provide a touch of luxury and to enhance the overall ambiance.

We created a wedding experience that fulfilled the couple’s desire for a classic black and white theme with textured layers, architectural details, an abundance of black and white florals, and subtle gold accents. The carefully planned multiple spaces allowed for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. The resulting atmosphere was clean and crisp yet warm and inviting, providing guests with a truly unforgettable celebration.

Ceremony Details

With a strong desire to create a captivating contrast between their ceremony florals and the breathtaking Italian Garden backdrop at Coombe, Danielle, and Brendan entrusted us with the task of bringing their vision to life. Collaborating with Jess and the team from Sassafras Weddings, we envisioned a ceremony backdrop that would exude boldness and structure, while also embracing a softness that would beautifully complement the striking monochromatic palette. The final outcome surpassed all expectations, leaving everyone in awe.

To achieve this remarkable result, we adorned black steel structures with lavish clouds of white hydrangeas, gypsophila, and white roses. The abundance of these delicate blooms added volume and created a captivating juxtaposition of texture against the sturdy framework. Additionally, the incorporation of dark foliage intensified the contrast, allowing the backdrop to stand out vividly against the vibrant greens of the Italian Garden.

The ceremony backdrop became a true masterpiece, effortlessly balancing strength and elegance. The boldness of the monochromatic palette was accentuated by the voluminous floral arrangements, while the softness provided a touch of delicacy and refinement. The result was a stunning visual display that perfectly complemented the couple’s vision and left an indelible impression on all who witnessed it. The strategic use of black steel structures adorned with luxurious white hydrangeas, gypsophila, and white roses created a striking contrast against the backdrop of the Italian Garden. The incorporation of dark foliage intensified the visual impact, ensuring that the backdrop became an extraordinary focal point, harmonising with the couple’s desired aesthetic and leaving guests in awe of its beauty.

Reception Styling Details

In our quest to create a wedding that felt both current and timeless with a modern twist, we embraced the prevailing trend of black-and-white aesthetics. Collaborating closely with Danielle, we curated a dimensional tablescape that exuded elegance and sophistication. Our goal was to strike a balance between contemporary allure and classic wedding vibes, resulting in a truly captivating setting.

To achieve this, we embarked on a meticulous selection process, handpicking each element to ensure a harmonious composition. We started with soft grey linen from Table Art and Table Threads, which served as the foundation for the tablescape. Layering these exquisite linens created a sense of depth and dimension, adding a touch of softness to the overall design.

To introduce subtle black highlights and enhance the monochromatic theme, we opted for striking black-rimmed glass charger plates from Event Merchant Co. These plates added a visual contrast against the gentle backdrop of the grey linen, creating a stunning visual impact.

For the place settings, we chose matte black cutlery, perfectly complementing each guest’s spot. The sleek and modern design of the cutlery brought a contemporary edge to the table, while also seamlessly blending with the overall aesthetic.

To add a personalised touch, we incorporated remarkable custom stationery from our friends at Rebel Reflect. The stationery not only conveyed essential information but also reflected the couple’s unique style and added a touch of individuality to each place setting.

To infuse warmth and a touch of luxury into the tablescape, we introduced subtle hints of gold decor. Gold halcyon candlesticks were artfully placed among an array of white bud vases filled with black and white florals. This delicate interplay of gold and florals added nuanced layering to the overall look, evoking a sense of opulence and refinement. 

The end resulted in a captivating and current tablescape that encapsulated both modernity and classic wedding vibes. The layering of soft grey linen and the addition of black rimmed glass charger plates created a dimensional backdrop. The matte black cutlery and custom stationery from Rebel Reflect added individuality and contemporary flair to each place setting. Subtle hints of gold decor brought warmth and opulence to the table, completing the sophisticated ambiance of the overall design.

Thank you to Danielle and Brendan for entrusting us with your vision. You were truly a beautiful couple to work with, and it’s couples like you that make our job a dream.