Neon Lights for Hire

Neon lights are a fantastic way to add a modern touch to the decor of your event as well as express a meaningful message. Moreover, they’re extremely Instagrammable, ensuring that the post-event photos pop! Our neon lights for hire in Melbourne have consistently been one of our most popular party decor hire, so why not explore our products further?Read More

Elegant, Eye-Catching, and Extremely Photogenic; Why Neon Sign Hire Can Take Your Event to the Next Level

From our wedding friendly ’I Am Yours and You Are Mine’ sign to our simply stunning heart neon light, you’ll be sure to find the perfect sign for your event!

The neon lights that we stock are also extremely versatile and can be easily installed wherever you require them in your event (we can lend a hand with that!).

So whether neon sign lights have always been on your Pinterest event board or you’ve stumbled across them on our website, they’re a beautiful and highly photogenic decoration for your event. Enhance the space at your wedding or event with our neon sign hire in Melbourne.

Find High-Quality Neon Light Hire in Melbourne

Neon lights are a highly coveted item whose retail value can be eye-watering, making renting the perfect option.

However, finding event items, such as these neon lights to hire in Melbourne can feel challenging, as there are several factors to consider: the cost, the accessibility of renting, and, of course, the quality of the item.

Luckily, The Small Things Co. has got you covered on all fronts- we only stock event-ready items that come highly recommended by previous customers. We also price fairly considering the fantastic quality of our items.

We can also arrange pick up and drop off, ensuring that all you need to do is enjoy this stunning decoration!

To secure the rental of our neon sign lights, simply press ’Add to Wishlist’ before submitting the completed list through our easy-to-fill-out form.

No wonder we’ve got a five-star rating on every major review site...come and experience the magic for yourself!

Neon Light Hire in Melbourne Has Never Been Easier

Do you have any questions regarding the specifications of our neon signs hire or our rental services in general? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Melbourne event styling team at hello@thesmallthings.co or via our social media.

Additionally, make sure you’re subscribed to our social media, so you can see how our previous customers have utilised our stunning neon light signs at their events!

Alternatively, why not consider pairing our neon signs with one of our other eye-catching and photogenic items? We suggest our champagne tower, our arbours, or our wishing wells.

Impress Guests at Any Event with Neon Signs

As an incredibly popular addition for enhancing the interior of a venue, opting to hire neon signs in Melbourne can be a practical and cost-effective choice. For your special event neon signs make a fabulous feature, perfect for any celebration. Whether you’re looking for a fun photo opportunity or want the neon sign to add a vibrant and modern element to your event, they look incredible wherever they are placed. Light up your special day in a magical way and explore the endless possibilities when it comes to displaying these trendy signs at your event. They make a huge impact whether they’re situated at the bar, on the dance floor, or at the entrance.

Not only can hiring neon signs for your event complement your other décor, but they also elevate your event with a contemporary feel. They’re a great way to draw attention to a particular area, such as the bride and groom’s reception seats, or having them as a backdrop for a champagne tower to add a pop of colour. Whether you’re opting for a vibrant atmosphere or a classic celebration, we have something for everyone so find your inspiration today here at The Small Things!

FAQs About Neon Light Hire

How do I position neon lights at my event?

We’d suggest positioning them at a higher level, where they’re most visible and people can take photos with them. You just need to ensure you have a power source close by, and we highly recommend having a black extension lead handy. Good positions include at the entrance of the event, in the lounge, or above the bar.

You can also partner your neon with one of our arbors for hire or signage stands. These are a great option for hanging your neon, if you are unable to secure it on a venue wall.

Can I collect the neon light signs myself?

Of course! You can pick them up and drop them off at our warehouse in Abbotsford, or alternatively, you can arrange drop off and collection from us; just select the appropriate option on our Wishlist submission form.

What styles and decorations look good with neon light signs?

That’s difficult to say because neon light signs look good against most backdrops. Some popular design ideas are:

- Against exposed brick.

- Against a natural-looking backdrop, such as floral displays or ivy-style plants.

- Against a plain painted wall.

- Against a soft curtain

However, don’t be afraid to get creative- it’s your event and should reflect your unique style! Read less