10 Things You Didn't Know You Needed On Your Wedding Day

Written by Mia Alexander
The Small Things Co

When we meet with couples they often have a list of things that are most important to them and that are at the forefront of their minds.It’s often the thing they talk about first, the dress, the food, the entertainment. Along with this, there are often details that they haven’t thought about, that they didn’t know they needed to consider or that just get overlooked. Details that help a wedding day run smoothly, take the pressure off guests and create thoughtful touches for all involved. Forgetting some of these details is completely understandable, you only do this once after all. We have created a list of ten things you didn’t know you needed for your wedding day.

1. Bridal Party Food & Drink

There is so much to plan for your day, but sometimes the easiest thing to forget is to eat. Ask one of your bridesmaids to organise brunch for the morning of your wedding. You may be nervous, so plan some easily digestible foods. Think yoghurt, fruit and muesli, and maybe a cheese platter you can nibble on whilst getting ready. Having some snacks during your photos (between ceremony and reception) is also great. Have some chips and lollies to keep your energy up, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water also.

2. Someone To Pack Up

So many couples spend months planning their wedding day and all of the details they are going to include in their styling look. But who is going to pack it all up that evening? It is always worth checking with your venue about their requirements for event pack downs. Many venues have events back to back and require everything from your day to be taken that evening. Having an events team to sneak in after your party ends to pack everything down is a great option. We often recommend our services for this, so that your family aren’t trying to take everything home for you that evening. 

3. A Dog Minder

Our furry friends have become an important part of family life. With couples getting married later in life, fur babies are often the first commitment couples sign up for together, even before saying ‘I Do’ or purchasing a home. So it is only natural to want to include your pooch in the big day. Many couples opt to have them as their ring bearer, attaching the rings to the collar and encouraging the dog to make their way down the aisle. The logistics of this can be a little difficult to work out. What if the dog doesn’t walk to the right spot and makes a b-line for a bird that catches its eye. Or what if it decides one of the ceremony chairs is the perfect spot to make its mark, the concerns can be endless. A dog trainer and minder such a ‘ I Do Paws ‘ is a great option to ease your concerns. They offer pre wedding training, grooming, transport, minding and a chaperone service. They can even walk your dog down the aisle if you need. 

4. An Escape Route

Many couples don’t make a plan of how they are going to leave their reception, often because they just don’t want the night to end. This can often leaves guests a little confused of when the night is actually ending. It is generally considered poor form for guests to leave before the bride and groom, so having some kind of a formal departure is a great idea. Sparkler exits, farewell tunnels and circles, a final dance, fireworks and a getaway car are great options to consider. 

6. Go-to Person

A go-to person is someone that guests and suppliers can reach out to if there are any questions throughout the day/evening. They are a great buffer if it is a question for the bride and groom, but suppliers don’t want to bother them. This person can be a professional (wedding planner or stylist) or a friend who is organised and happy to take on the task. They might need a list of contacts, be the bearer of the emergency kit, know who the parents of the couple are and anything else that might arise during the day. 

7. Additional Fees

There are occasional extra fees that can come up as your wedding day approaches. Maybe squeezing in that extra guest, your wedding running overtime and suppliers needing to be there longer and late night collection or delivery fees just to name a few. Be sure to allow a little buffer in your budget, and don’t hesitate to ask your suppliers if you aren’t too sure. 

8. Get Away Car

Couples often plan a stylish transport option for the first half of their day, but often don’t consider how they are going to leave their reception. If having your original transport stick around until the evening isn’t a viable option for you, then assign someone to order you an Uber Black to arrive at the time you ready to leave. Also make sure you have all of your bags ready to go, and don’t forget your dress and suit bag for the next day. 

9. Golden Hour

One of our favourite time for photos is golden hour. That moment when the sun is setting and the sky creates a beautiful backdrop. It is important to schedule this in to your run sheet with your photographer. You can easily google what time the sun will set on your day, and if you happen to be at your reception at that time, you can sneak off with your photographer and have them capture what will probably be your most favourite photos in years to come.

10. An Emergency Kit

Think bandaids, deodorant, gum and a mini sewing kit. Head to our emergency kit blog to see the full list of items we suggest having with you on the day, because you never know what you’ll need and it’s better to be prepared.