How-To Style A Napkin

5 Ways to Style Your Wedding Napkin

Your napkin may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of your wedding, however it’s in the details that make such a difference! Styling your napkin can bring depth, shape & colour to your tablescape. It helps highlight the colours you’ve chosen and compliments your florals and decor. We love trying new things, check out our most recent wedding napkin styling: 


The Croissant:
Our personal favourite! It compliments any table setting and adds a special touch to the guest experience. It is so easy to fold, only 3 steps! Grab one of the corners, hold the napkin up & wrap it around your fingers in the centre to create a loose knot.. voila!


The Bow Tie:
Adds a layering effect to your tablescape, it’s a raw natural look whilst still being elegant. It’s an effortless look created by laying the napkin on top of your main plate, loosely pinch it in the centre and placing the entree plate or bowl on top. Easy as that!


The Drape:
To add more depth we like to use a velvet napkin, alternatively you can just use this styling technique. Simply fold the napkin corner to corner, drape it over your plate on a slight angle & tuck the point under your plate. Add your stationery and bam! 


The Loosely Gathered:
This stunner takes a little more time so you’ll want to have all of them done before you arrive at the wedding, organisation is key! To execute well, have all of the name tags in order & your ribbons pre-cut (we like to use silk ribbons). Pull the napkin up by the centre to create the triangle shape, wrap the ribbon around the top and add your name tag. 


The Traditional:
A classic, so easy to do but still looks incredible! You can’t go wrong with this style for your wedding, we love the way it shapes the table setting and completes the look! To get a clean fold, we generally lay down on the side you’d like to show then fold half inwards & do the same with the other side. Flip it over, add your plate or stationery and there you go!

By: Mia Alexander 
The Small Things Co