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1. Tell us about yourself, how you got into photography and your story of how Theodore and Co became the brand it is today?

Growing up in a big Greek family I only knew of a lot of people around our house on weekends. It was always family gatherings, weddings or events! That was not only our family but our community back then. I loved the atmosphere of everyone together, laughing, eating , drinking and just generally being very very happy.

For me these are memories that I love and memories I treasure through photographs that evoke those memories. So when I began my journey in photography it was always to capture memories for generations to come that would evoke those memories and bring joy to those flicking through the photos.

2. Describe your style?
My style I would describe as effortless, romantic and timeless. I just like everything looking beautiful and clean 🙂
3. What is ultimately your favourite look to shoot / capture?
Not so much a certain look, but after photographing many events and couples throughout the year, My ultimate favourite is when couples go against “trends” and do what suits them. May that be wearing a different style of outfit or styling the venue with colours they love rather than what is the trend at the time. I find this much more personal which helps me deliver a product true to the couple.
4. What is something you are asked often by couples and what is your advice?
What is the key to a good wedding? For me It is to surround yourself firstly with the most special people to you. Second would be to get the best suppliers possible that are ultimately there for you and all work together as a team to deliver your vision. 3rd good food and music of course.
5. What is something you wish couples knew in relation to their wedding photography?
How they will feel about those images in 20 years time. Sure a photo with your partner in the city or a park will be gorgeous, but when you look back at photos in years to come my experience is you will flick straight to a dear loved one that may have passed or the people at your wedding that have changed, being children who are now adults or grandparents that we have lost along the way.
6. What is your advice for couples to get the most out of their wedding photographer and to avoid disappointment?
Communication is key, the more comfortable you are with your photographer as a person first and foremost is key to feeling relaxed and confident in front of the camera. 
7. Any other advice or thoughts? 
Be true to yourself, Done listen to everyone because ultimately you can’t please everybody. If you want a small wedding with 10 people, Then do just that. If you want a wild party with lots of dancing again do just that. But dont try and be everything to everyone.
8. How do couples get in contact with you?
Generally through our website – theodoreandco.com.au or via Instagram.
 An old fashioned phone call is kinda nice too 🙂