2020 Colour Trends

Written by Maleah Alexander
The Small Things Co

We are often asked where we draw our inspiration from when considering the style of a wedding or when selecting pieces to add to our unique hire collection. We believe that you can draw inspiration from everything that surrounds you. Whether it is this seasons fashion trends, interior design trends or the environment itself. These elements speak to you, and should inspire the direction you take the styling for your day.

We recently attended the 2020 trend forecast, and were so inspired by the shift in colour ways and design. 2019 saw a saturation of terracottas, orange and amber in our styling. In 2020 we are going to see the continuation of the brown palettes, but with slightly more muted tones. Perhaps you’ve lived in Melbourne long enough to know we use black as a base for everything, but that’s all about to change! 

Picture credit: Pinterest (source unknown)
Picture credit: Pinterest (source unknown)

Say ‘hello’ to warm caramels, honey, sand, terracotta, pumpkin, rust, ivory and camel this wedding season. 

We’re already feeling the 70’s vibes with our Amber Glass Candlesticks and 70’s Amber Votives, pair these with our latte, stone, nude, baked clay or ivory candles to complete the look.

2020 is the year we get serious about our environment, and we are consciously implementing environmentally friendly practices into our purchasing, packaging and processes. We do this by sourcing locally made products, using organic and recycled pieces and reusing all packaging as much as we can.

We have an incredible range of handmade vases & vintage finds that can add a textural element to your wedding. Some of our favourites include the Terracotta Vases, Crystal Footed Vases, Brass Candlesticks & the Vintage Amber Compote Vase.

A fun fact, our 70’s Amber Votives were actually Italian espresso cups, which we collected and removed the silver handle from to make the cutest votives.

If brown is just not your thing, don’t worry! Steel blue, navy, greys, mustard, sage, forest green and of course blush are all accent colours this wedding season.

We have began to source unique items for your 2020 wedding, but until then here’s some of our must see favourites: Porcelain White Candlestick, Pavlova Terrazzo Pieces, Textured Ceramic Bud Vase, Rose Gold Cutlery and the Flat Brass Taper Holders.

Picture credit: Pinterest (source unknown)
Picture credit: Pinterest (source unknown)
Picture credit: Pinterest (source unknown)
Picture credit: The Small Things Co