5 Reasons Why Hiring Decorations is Better Than Buying Them

Written by The Small Things Co

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Many newlyweds dream about their big day, long before the proposal, so we’re not surprised if you already have a good idea of what you hope the décor will look like. But where do you begin? Historically, many future spouses have favoured DIY wedding decorations, as they were adaptable and cost-effective. But The Small Things Co urge you to reconsider and open your eyes into the wonderful world of wedding hire.

Hiring Wedding Décor has become a popular trend

The trend of hiring wedding décor is becoming increasingly popular for couples who are tying the knot, so much so that you must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about this latest craze! What’s the big deal with hiring wedding décor we hear you ask? Well, let us tell you our 5 reasons why hiring decorations is better than buying them:

1. Cost-effective

Did you know that hiring your wedding decorations can be up to 5 times cheaper than buying them? That’s a whole lot of cash that could be spent on other aspects of your big day. If you’re looking for high-quality items, hiring your decorations enables you to source your dream décor, at a fraction of the price of buying outright!

2. Time saving

Wedding planning is a complex and time-consuming process. Hours of shopping, dealing with vendors, setting up and taking down the decorations can all be left to the hire company. And besides, you have much more important things to fill your time that only you and your partner can control, such as your guest list or catering choices.

3. Convenience

Fancy living beside boxes for the next 12 months? Us neither! Storing your wedding decorations both pre- and post-wedding can be a hassle, and hiring your décor eliminates this issue. Larger items such as flower walls and wedding arches are often delivered and collected straight to the venue, too. You won’t have to bother with the faff of selling your unwanted items after the big day, either!

4. Quality assurance

If you choose to hire your decorations, it’s guaranteed that they will be in top condition. There will be no need to clean, maintain or repair your items when hired from a reputable company.

5. Environmental factors

As many wedding props are single use, purchasing your décor is an unsustainable choice. Renting your décor is a more forward-thinking and eco-friendly decision that many couples are heading towards, and we recommend that you follow suit!

Hiring Wedding Decorations is a Forward-Thinking Approach

It’s no wonder why wedding decoration hire has become so popular in recent years, and with so many style packages to choose from, it really is a no-brainer for couples waiting to tie the knot. Renting decorations for your wedding is a cost-effective, simple, and environmentally friendly choice, without the need to compromise on quality. Hiring your wedding decorations also ensures that you maintain a beautiful and personalised atmosphere on your big day, without the long-term pressure, commitment and expense associated with buying your decorations.

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