What to Expect from a Wedding Stylist?

Written by The Small Things Co

The question that seems to be on everyone’s lips is what does a wedding stylist do, and do I really need one? In previous years, wedding stylists appeared to be reserved for the rich and famous, but as the wedding industry grew, so did the popularity of wedding stylists for couples from all walks of life. There are many reasons why a wedding stylist may be your preferred choice if you are planning the big event, and here we will discuss what to expect from a wedding stylist, ranging from before the big day to post-party. This may even encourage you to hire one for yourselves!

A Wedding Stylist Will Create the Perfect Atmosphere

It almost goes without saying that planning a wedding is a big deal and organising every detail can become quite stressful for all involved. That’s where a wedding stylist steps in. Thanks to their fantastic organisational skills, and keen creative eye, your dream wedding will become a reality, without all the hassle! That’s right, chasing suppliers, locating the perfect props and generally project managing everything to do with the style of your wedding will be taken care of. It’s almost guaranteed that your wedding stylist will be a perfectionist, and that’s exactly what you need when thinking of the finer details of your day. For instance, a trained wedding stylist would never select oversized centre pieces, as they will block the view for guests sitting across one another. Is this something you would have considered when planning your big day? We know you have so many other things to worry about, which is why we recommend you put your trust in a wedding stylist who is passionate about their role and lives and breathes the wedding styling industry, so you don’t have to!

Eliminate Stress with the Help of a Wedding Stylist

When hiring a wedding stylist, you almost always get the benefit of choosing a package that suits your individual requirements. Perhaps you are a DIY expert but just need a hand putting it all together, or instead prefer someone else to take the reins entirely? The luxury of a wedding stylist is that you can tailor your quotation to suit your needs and budget. Some couples choose to purchase their décor, only to have it lingering around years later, not to mention the amount of room it all takes up. With a wedding stylist, none of this is an issue. Hiring your décor is much more cost-effective, as well as being more efficient space wise. A wedding stylist will often set up and pack away your props, which is far less hassle than buying and placing every piece!

Choose a Wedding Stylist That Understands Your Vision

So, what to expect from a wedding stylist? To put it simply, all your ideas, dreams and preferences magically come together to create the perfect atmosphere for your big day. Not only will you be more relaxed in the process, but your guests will be astonished by the sheer perfection of your décor. Wedding stylists are also great listeners and ensure that your personalities shine through the designs. Your relationship is unique and special, shouldn’t your wedding styling be the same?

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