Hello there! I’m Pete, a youthful marriage celebrant and MC based in Melbourne. My specialty lies in crafting laid-back, stress-free wedding ceremonies that radiate a relaxed and easygoing vibe.

I believe your ceremony should be the pinnacle of your wedding day, setting the tone for a memorable celebration. As I narrate your unique love story, expect your loved ones to experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from fits of laughter to heartfelt tears. My approach is to infuse humor and genuine sentiment, making every moment engaging and authentic.

Moreover, I strive to make the ceremony preparation a seamless and hassle-free process. When you choose to work with me, envision a smooth journey that unfolds like this:


Imagine this scene: you’ve reached the end of the aisle, now officially united as a married couple.

In that moment, are you:

A) Reflecting on the incredible experience you just had, pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and at ease you felt, knowing that everyone you hold dear was fully engaged and laughing along during your ceremony. You can’t help but think, “We made the right decision in hiring him as our MC. He truly surpassed his already impressive 5-star reviews!”


B) Contemplating your relief that it’s all over, eager to put behind the awkwardness you experienced during the ceremony. They didn’t even get your name right! Who is this “Jenny” they kept mentioning? Your name bears no resemblance to Jenny, not even a slight rhyme. You worry that this mishap might become the only memory you associate with your wedding day for the rest of your life.

Now, I may have exaggerated a bit with the whole “I’m awesome” and the Jenny situation, but you get the idea. By the way, I must mention that Jenny happens to be my awesome mum’s name.

Getting married is undoubtedly a significant milestone as it symbolizes a lifelong commitment to your partner, through all the ups and downs. It’s truly an extraordinary decision to celebrate, especially when you consider that you’ve found someone who annoys you the least out of everyone else on this vast planet. Now, that’s quite remarkable!

From this perspective, the ceremony becomes the centerpiece of your entire day. Of course, I must admit that the reception will be incredible, with the delectable dessert options you’ve carefully selected and the generosity of your in-laws who have graciously covered the tab at the bar (perhaps I went a bit overboard there?). However, it’s important to remember that the reception should seamlessly flow from the celebration that commences at the ceremony, rather than being the sole factor that reassures everyone of their decision to attend.

Your wedding day should begin with an ambiance that is both relaxed and formal, meticulously planned yet effortlessly stylish, and a perfect blend of humor and heartfelt sentiment. Undeniably, the experience hinges on the marriage celebrant you choose. This individual possesses the incredible ability to set the tone and create the ideal atmosphere for your special day. This is where I come in, and once again, I find myself recommending myself on this page.

Personally, I have a strong aversion to awkward experiences, and over time, I’ve cultivated a personality that counters or transforms them into lighthearted, natural, and enjoyable moments. It brings me great joy to help numerous couples create wedding ceremonies that revolve around their unique stories and desires. My role is to shape a ceremony that mirrors your vision, making it look and feel exactly how you envision it. Remember, on your wedding day, my aim is not to be the one remembered, but rather to ensure that your experience becomes an unforgettable memory.

Moreover, I’m here to make the entire process easy and stress-free for you. When the day is done, and you reflect on the joy of having your in-laws cover the tab, one thing you’ll undoubtedly be able to say is that I was the simplest part of your planning and the wedding day itself.

So, how do we make this happen? It’s as simple as clicking the button below to embark on this journey together. Once you take that step, we can commence the process and create the wedding experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Event & Wedding MC

It’s not that you don’t trust your uncle or friend, but sometimes it’s best to leave the microphone in the hands of someone who is experienced in hosting an entire evening rather than just sipping a drink. After experiencing an incredible ceremony, it only makes sense to entrust your reception to the same person who has earned everyone’s trust for creating a fantastic atmosphere.

While you could ask a friend to take on the role of MC, you also want them to simply enjoy the wedding without any added responsibilities. It’s logical to have the same person who knows your love story inside out, as they just shared it with everyone an hour ago. I thoroughly enjoy taking care of all the coordination with the venue manager, band, videographer, and photographer. It’s a delight to ensure your well-being throughout the night, making sure you have something to eat and drink as you mingle with guests at the tables. I’m there to support those delivering emotional speeches, though perhaps not in a spiritual sense (probably not). However, my presence is to maintain a consistent atmosphere throughout the day and ensure the wedding runs smoothly from start to finish, seamlessly coordinating all the elements.


Yes, it’s the best damn system going around! The Sennheiser LSP Pro 500, it’s perfect for audiences of 10 – 350 people.

My price varies due to the date, I’ll be cheaper on a Sundays Winter than a Saturdays February by a few hundred dollars. If you’re looking for an incredible experience with quality wedding memories, then send me an enquiry and I’ll let you know the cost upfront so you can make an informed decision. I’m also happy to stagger the payments to help; I call it… PetePay.

I become the familiar face for all your wedding guests throughout the whole day whom they build trust with right from the start. It also allows your uncle or mate to enjoy the wedding while I run around keeping an eye on time and helping update all your suppliers.