Tom is a musician born in England but raised in Australia. His ultimate life’s mission is to perform music that resonates deeply with people, whether it’s a heartfelt wedding serenade for the newlyweds or a nostalgic pub favorite that transports you to your younger days. With a versatile range that spans from singer-songwriter to pub crooner and from wedding performer to corporate entertainer, Tom has embraced diverse musical roles throughout his career.

Since 2018, Tom has consistently rocked the stage, averaging over 100 gigs each year, and he’s only increasing his musical footprint with time. His passion for music is not limited to the stage; he’s also dedicated to expanding his knowledge. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music and is actively engaged in formal education for vocal training, guitar, and piano.

Tom melds his love for music with his enthusiasm for connecting with people. He relishes the opportunity to hear their stories and takes immense joy in contributing a modest yet unforgettable chapter to their lives through the enchanting medium of music and live performances.