Meet Jeremy, an accomplished saxophonist turned dynamic DJ, whose musical journey led him through the halls of Monash University’s prestigious music studies program. With over a decade of experience skillfully playing both the Tenor & Alto sax, Jeremy’s versatile talents have graced countless bands and stage performances, showcasing his flair for improvisation.

Originally rooted in Jazz, Jeremy’s passion for music knows no bounds, and he now revels in jamming to the greatest hits of the last four decades. This fusion of styles allows him to infuse a unique charm into his performances, captivating audiences with his saxophone renditions of chart-topping favorites.

Having spent significant time in the wedding and events industry, Jeremy has become a staple at the beloved Coombe Winery in the picturesque Yarra Valley. Throughout his part-time tenure, he has observed over 200 weddings, enabling him to discern the songs that keep the dance-floor alive and those that fall short. When you choose Jeremy as your Wedding DJ, you can be assured of an unforgettable musical experience tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Jeremy’s talents extend far beyond Coombe Winery, as he has graced some of Melbourne’s most renowned venues, such as The Terrace at the Botanical Gardens and Stillwater Crittenden Estate Winery. What truly sets Jeremy apart is his unwavering passion for entertaining. His infectious enthusiasm leads him to dive into the heart of the dance-floor, belting out epic sax lines that elevate the energy to new heights, leaving guests in awe of his unmatched artistry.

If you seek a DJ who can seamlessly blend the soulful tones of a saxophone with the hottest hits from various eras, Jeremy is the artist you’ve been searching for. Embrace the magic of his musical prowess by getting a Wedding DJ quote for Jeremy today!