Introducing a groundbreaking addition to our roster of talented artists and musicians: Luke, the first-ever DJ-trombone player! Luke’s journey as a trombonist began in 2012, and since then, his musical ventures have been nothing short of extraordinary. His impressive resumé boasts performances at prestigious events like the AFL, NBL, Australian Open, Flemington and country racecourse festivals, and in various wedding bands.

What sets Luke apart is not only his mesmerizing trombone skills but also his versatility as a multi-instrumentalist. Beyond the trombone, he can effortlessly weave enchanting melodies on the trumpet, percussion, and other brass instruments, captivating your guests in a multitude of ways.

A proud graduate of Monash University Clayton Campus, where he majored in Jazz, Luke’s education paved the way for remarkable opportunities. He embarked on journeys to France and New York, where he recorded and performed, enriching his musical prowess. At Monash, he played vital roles in the big bands as section leader and musical director, leaving an indelible mark on the university’s vibrant music community.

In addition to his diverse musical ventures, Luke has taken on the role of Brass Instrumental Teacher at esteemed institutions like Our Lady of Mercy College, St. Catherine’s School, and Bialik College, where he nurtures and inspires young talents to flourish.

Amidst his dedication to teaching, Luke remains a fixture in the Melbourne music scene. Whether enchanting audiences as a wedding DJ or performing with various ensembles, including the esteemed New Orleans brass band, his passion for music knows no bounds.

Luke’s musical preferences span from the infectious rhythms of funk and soul to an eclectic mix of jazz, disco, hits, and RnB. Whatever ambiance you envision for your event, Luke possesses the perfect playlist to set the mood. With his irresistible blend of DJing and trombone skills, he guarantees a dance floor that’s alive with energy and leaves your guests in awe of his extraordinary artistry.