Enter the world of Nathan, an exceptionally talented and highly sought-after DJ, saxophonist, pianist, and musical virtuoso. With an extensive portfolio boasting thousands of successful weddings, corporate functions, private events, and numerous accolades, Nathan’s presence in the entertainment industry is truly unparalleled.

Despite his immense achievements, Nathan remains down-to-earth and wholly dedicated to ensuring the success of his clients’ events. As the premium performer of Melbourne Entertainment Company, his entertainment offerings transcend the ordinary DJ experience, earning him widespread adoration and appreciation.

Nathan’s versatility knows no bounds, seamlessly combining his extraordinary DJ skills with masterful saxophone performances. His unique blend of talents captivates audiences and elevates the ambiance to an extraordinary level, making him an unforgettable presence at any gathering.

Having established both the Melbourne DJ School and Melbourne Entertainment Co. in 2011, Nathan has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the industry. With a remarkable six-year national on-air DJ residency on Nova100 and a passion for teaching the art of DJing, he has solidified his reputation as a true authority in his field.

Nathan’s journey in the club scene alongside renowned names like Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, Grant Smilie, and John Course in his earlier days shaped his career, but he now exclusively focuses on delivering top-notch entertainment for corporate crowds and weddings. His 1937 Martin Handcraft Alto Saxophone, expertly handcrafted, emits the smoothest and most captivating tones imaginable, leaving listeners entranced.

What sets Nathan apart is not only his unparalleled talent but also his genuine love for engaging with any crowd, be it large or intimate. His passion for creating seamless and unforgettable parties has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest Wedding DJs in Melbourne.

Beyond his undeniable skills, Nathan’s friendly and personable demeanor is a rare and cherished quality in the DJ scene, making him even more endearing to those who have the pleasure of experiencing his performances. It is this winning combination of remarkable talent, genuine connection with the audience, and an ever-present commitment to excellence that establishes Nathan as an unstoppable force in the world of entertainment.